GET api/v2/Organisation/{Slug}/Timesheet/Week

Description: Returns a user's timesheet for the week. Example: https://api.totalsynergy.com/api/v2/Organisation/testOrg/Timesheet/Week/date=20160801&id=0
Required Parameters:
DateAsInt long value - date of the week (format yyyymmdd)
Optional Parameters:
ContactId long value - (if not supplied it will default to current user)

  "hasPrimaryRate": true,
  "staffId": 5,
  "staff": "Adam HanniLongName",
  "dateAsInt": 20160801,
  "nextDateAsInt": 20160808,
  "previousDateAsInt": 20160725,
  "dateDisplay": "Mon 1, Aug 2016",
  "date": "2016-08-01T00:00:00",
  "hasOvertimeRates": false,
  "defaultOvertimeId": 3,
  "defaultOvertime": "Standard",
  "time": [
      "groupId": "014c482a-97fd-4f0f-88b8-9732a0823d09",
      "projectId": 20008,
      "project": "aaaaaa",
      "projectNumber": "00000001",
      "stageId": 20026,
      "stage": "Feasibility Study",
      "phase": "",
      "taskId": 20099,
      "task": "Site selection and purchase",
      "rateId": 15,
      "rate": "Administration",
      "rateTypeId": 0,
      "rateType": null,
      "rateDisplayValue": null,
      "overtimeId": 3,
      "overtime": "Standard",
      "note": "8:55am Wednesday 23",
      "mon": 0,
      "tue": 0,
      "wed": 1.49,
      "thu": 0,
      "fri": 0,
      "sat": 0,
      "sun": 0,
      "locked": false,
      "statusId": 50,
      "status": null,
      "approvalNote": null,
      "error": null,
      "canChange": true,
      "monCanChange": true,
      "tueCanChange": true,
      "wedCanChange": true,
      "thuCanChange": true,
      "friCanChange": true,
      "satCanChange": true,
      "sunCanChange": true,
      "monCanChangeMessage": null,
      "tueCanChangeMessage": null,
      "wedCanChangeMessage": null,
      "thuCanChangeMessage": null,
      "friCanChangeMessage": null,
      "satCanChangeMessage": null,
      "sunCanChangeMessage": null,
      "timerIds": null
  "cash": [],
  "travel": [],
  "currencySymbol": "$",
  "lockedMonday": false,
  "lockedTuesday": false,
  "lockedWednesday": false,
  "lockedThursday": false,
  "lockedFriday": false,
  "lockedSaturday": false,
  "lockedSunday": false

Try it out

        {Response body}
Request Headers
'Content-Type': 'application/json' token
http://some url here.com

GET api/v2/Organisation/{Slug}/Timesheet/AddTimeOff

Description: Adds a timesheet entry and returns the timesheetId. Example: https://api.totalsynergy.com/api/v2/Organisation/testOrg/Timesheet/AddTimeOff?staffId=1&projectId=1&stageId=1&taskId=1&fromDateAsInt=20160922&toDateAsInt=20160929
Required Parameters:
StaffId long value - id of staff members timesheets
projectId long value - id of project
stageId long value - id of stage
taskId long value - id of task
fromDateAsInt long value - date of the week (format yyyymmdd)
toDateAsInt long value - date of the week (format yyyymmdd)


GET api/v2/Organisation/{Slug}/Timesheet/GetRemovedTimesheetIds

Description: Sends a list of timesheet ids to the server. Returns a list of timesheet Ids that have been deleted Example: https://api.totalsynergy.com/api/v2/Organisation/testOrg/Timesheet/GetRemovedTimesheets?timesheetIds=1914fa19-251e-4cd0-aeaa-9fd675e7c719
Required Parameters:
TimesheetIds List of string values - ids to check whether they have been removed